We offer a multitude of different options when it comes grave markers.

  • Some options include

  • Bronze Markers, which are made of bronze that can be attached to any memorial and can also be used as a stand alone marker.
  • Flush Markers lay flat on the ground and are usually 24?x12?. Sizes can vary depending on cemetery.
  • Slant Markers stand 12-20 inches or so above ground with back of the stone straight and the front sloping at a 45 degree angle.

Bronze Markers

Flush Markers

Slant Markers


  • The designs of this type of memorial vary greatly from traditional to contemporary.
  • We offer headstones in multiple styles including: Traditional, Contemporary, Hebrew, and Asian headstones

Asian Style Headstones

Hebrew Style Headstones

Traditional Style Headstones

Contemporary Style Headstones

Heart Shaped Headstones



We offer a multitude of different options when it comes Mausoleums.

  • Typically there are 3 types of mausoleums:

  • Walk in mausoleum is a building with stained glass windows & a bronze door.

  • Crypt is a building with no windows or doors.

  • Columbarium is a small crypt used for cremations.


Benches can serve as a memorial in a cemetery with or without a family name

  • We supply benches made from only the finest granite.

  • These benches can also be used as lawn furniture or as a dedication piece in a park or preserve.

Natural Stones

Possibilities with natural stone are endless

  • Some examples may be:

  • End of driveway stones with your address or family name

  • Pet headstones for your yard

  • Garden stones with herb or flower names

  • Even deco art in your yard.

Civic Memorials

Granite Signs