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Typically there are 3 types of mausoleums:

Walk in mausoleum is a building with stained glass windows & a bronze door.
A Crypt is a building with no windows or doors.
A Columbarium is a small crypt used for cremations



Benches can serve as a memorial in a cemetery with or without a family name.

We supply benches made from only the finest granite.
These benches can also be used as lawn furniture or as a dedication piece in a park or preserve.

Natural Stones

Possibilities with natural stone are endless.

Some examples may be:

  • End of driveway stones with your address or family name
  • Pet headstones for your yard
  • Garden stones with herb or flower names
  • Even deco art in your yard.

Granite Signs

Civic Memorials

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Granite Colors

Granite is a natural material with variations in color and characteristics.

Due to differences in screen resolutions and browser settings these samples are for reference only.

Bahama Blue

Barre Gray

Blue Pearl

Canadian Mahogany

Canadian Pink

Dakota Mahogany

Emerald Green

Impala Black

India Black

India Red

Lauritana Green

Mountain Rose

Oriental Red


Red Multi

Sea Shell Pink